Teach Me How To Read Map :P

cleopathetic - November 23rd, 2002

my life is like a big complicated city map..
it has paths to places..
some is interesting.. some isn’t
so many crossroads and dead ends.
so many highways and freeways..

there are streets, roads, avenues, boulevards,
alleys, aisles, bridges, fly overs..
all size of choices..
it’s all confusing..

everytime i look in to my life..
new routes seem to be appeared..
leaving me so many options to choose
whether i wanna do it an easy way,
or a hard way…
fast or slow..
no certainty whether i’m gonna failed or succeed..
and i can’t even see what’s gonna happen on the way there.

All i can do if i wanna get somewhere
is to walk on and choose which way to go

It would be much easier if i just know how to read my life.. :D

4 Kata untuk “Teach Me How To Read Map :P”

  1. Stan berkata:

    You cannot know!! It would take the fun out of life.

    My spiritual teacher said whatever happens is right for you at the time, The trick is to look for the lesson, there always is one

    Best wishes

  2. amadou cora berkata:

    you are very helpful

  3. amadou cora berkata:

    helping me to read maps is important to me.

  4. emmanuel berkata:

    teach me

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